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Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplas

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Education is a reach

Online Learning

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Back Ground

The project was start developed in mid-2017. Further development had made and participate in Vrije University Brussels (VUB) Social entrepreneurship at October 2018 with the project name ofPlatform for 10”.


Our first website lunch at December 2018.


Aim to provide equal education access and support




Provide an education access opportunity to the students




To fill a gap of education accessibility by online platform tuition courses project



What are we doing.

We are developing online learning platform for the high-school (Matriculation test) from Myanmar. Tutors can record video lectures and upload to our platform. Students can be access anytime and anywhere. 

Why is important

            We believe that Basic Education should be affordable and accessible for everyone. We are making sure that our believe is to everyone, everywhere and anytime.



Who benefits

          High-school (Matriculation entrance) students from Myanmar will gain education access through our online platform.  

How could you help

          You can participating at our project by providing lectures. No student should be left behind due to any circumstances. “Sharing is Caring” to create better world. 

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